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Warlord Worlds Episode 17: Batman Masque

September 27, 2017

In Warlord Worlds Episode 17, Gerry Green and Chris Karnes of Bat Books for Beginners join us to discuss Batman Masque, plus we cover Legion of Super-Heroes #210-211 with guests Mike Lane of Comics in the Golden Age and Dr Anj of the Supergirl Comic Box Commentary, and we share about Mike Grell's recent Overstreet and Wizard World Awards.


Mike Grell's Official Website:



Catskill Comics for Commission Requests:



The Mike Grell Facebook Page by Gus Ceballeos:



The Legion of Super Bloggers:



Bat Books for Beginners at the Batman Universe:



Supergirl Comic Box Commentary:



Comics in the Golden Age:



Mike Grell Panel at San Diego Comic Con:



Moving Target by Richard Grey:



Davide Mana's Warlord post:



Three Alarm Comics:



Promo: Bat Books for Beginners


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